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"psyn": (n) pronounced "sin". shortened form of Psyntax, etymological roots in "psyche" and "syntax", or "mind/soul-code". robots will kill since 2001. i started writing on things that didn't belong to me at 9, writing scenes and lyrics at 12, live poetry performances by age 14, canvases and stencils at 24 and am just getting started. i tend to choose subjects of great personal attachment for me, either personally/emotionally or conceptually/philosophically. while creating a portrait, i'm drawn into contemplating the dynamic i have with that person or concept and what they represent in an archetypal sense to my own mythology. i enjoy collaborating on everything from stickers to large installation pieces.


This piece is the end result of my first ever planned and provided-for photo shoot, using a professional camera/lighting setup/backdrop (all graciously provided by Mike Shane).  Before this, I would glean photo reference from my camera-phone and cheaper point and … Continue reading

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Coagulation and Sublimation Draft I

Three weeks before the 10th Anniversary show for RWK in Philly, I had one piece complete (Oxidation), and I was leaving for a two week business trip to North Carolina. It was 1:00am the night before I was scheduled to … Continue reading

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Robots Will Kill turns 10!

This year, RWK is celebrating our 10th anniversary! There are a lot of exciting new things coming up (*coughcough*redesign?*coughcough*), and we had a great show at the Vincent Michael Gallery in Philadelphia on 4/1/2011! Now, I only really took one … Continue reading

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…and so it begins

First blog post.  I’m going to start off with a painting done for charity, it’s official title is “…for the Kingdom if I can“, but we call it “Steve” around here…  Originally painted for an event benefiting  Project Hospitality, but … Continue reading

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