Custom Portraits

Using spray paint and acrylics on a variety of surfaces, I’ve come to love doing portraiture work!   I’ve been happily taking private commissions for several years, and decided to put this page together so more people can contact me to request their own portraits, custom designed and hand-painted on canvas!

Take a look at some of my portrait work below, learn more about my process and contact me to discuss your request for a portrait of yourself, a loved one, your favorite celebrity or even your pet!  From personal experience I can say that these make great birthday/anniversary/holiday gifts, and can even be made to commemorate a special occasion!

The Process:

  • Fill out the form below with the details of your idea and your contact information.  You’ll receive a reply from me, typically within a day.
  • We can discuss approaches for the painting, availability of photo-reference and an estimate on the amount of materials and labor needed.
  • Once reference photos are provided, a small mock-up will be delivered and a deposit on the finished painting will be required.
  • This is where the fun starts – I will draw / cut / paint a detailed portrait of my subject based on the photo provided and e-mail a watermarked photo of the finished piece.
  • Upon payment of the remaining cost, the painting will be delivered, usually within 2 weeks of starting the process (more lead-time may be needed for very large / intricate portraits).


You can start the process by contacting me using the form below (or e-mailing me directly at